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David Nail On Working With Brothers Osborne



david-thumb-768x768David Nail is getting ready to release his new album, Fighter, on Friday (July 15th), and he’s included several special guests such as one of his influences Vince Gill, as well as singer-songwriter Lori McKenna, Logan Brill and Bear and Bo Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE. Another collaboration that he had a blast recording was with Brothers Osborne on the first track of the record, “Good at Tonight.”

When John and TJ Osborne first sent him the song, he was a little mad, because he didn’t know they were actually pitching him the tune to record. I was actually kind of mad because I just assumed that they were…sending me the song because we’d been on the road with Brothers Osborne and they were just saying, ‘Hey! Here’s another Brothers Osborne song,’” David recalled. “When I realized that they were pitching me the song, I immediately texted John [Osborne] and was like, ‘Hey — are you sure you’re not gonna record this song, ‘cause I don’t want to…fall in love with it and then record it and then you decide six months from now that you love it and you want to record it, and then I have to take it off the record, ‘cause you win.’ And they were like, ‘Naw man. If you love it, man, do it.’ And so I said, ‘I’m gonna do it, but there’s one stipulation — you have to sing on it.’”

During a record release event in Nashville earlier this week, David told the crowd, “I think it’s amazing, and I can just envision opening my show for the next 20 years with this song.”


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