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Destination Country Bring Fans Even Closer To Artists With Patreon Launch



The Destination Country music collective today announces the launch of an exciting and innovative way of bringing quality content and engagement to fans of Country music worldwide.

The collective, made up of Entertainment Focus, Lyric Magazine, Off the Record, Triple Fret Entertainment and Your Life in a Song, is launching a unique and comprehensive Patreon site through which they aim to engage and entertain fans of Country music.

Speaking about the launch Destination Country says:

“Patreon is an exciting platform through which both creators and consumers can engage with each other. It is a way to join your favourite creator’s community and pay them for making the content that you love. This means the creator gets paid regularly and you become a bonafide, real-life patron of the arts!

For a low-priced, regular monthly subscription that starts off as little as just £1 a month you can subscribe to the Destination Country Patreon family and get access to exclusive and engaging Country music content.”

The team will be posting exclusive audio and video content comprising of interviews and exclusive performances. There will be Zoom events, competitions and our ‘Insider’ level patrons will gain access to a private Facebook group which will be a hot bed of expert chat, exclusives and once we get at least 50 monthly subscribers, exclusive live performances from the best Country music artists from both sides of the Atlantic!

On its most basic level Patreon is a way of thanking the contributors that you enjoy and respect who bring you the best Country music content anywhere in the world and who work tirelessly for free, something a lot of fans and readers don’t always realise. On its highest level, Patreon is a family: a community of like-minded individuals who interact with each other and enjoy top-quality content, chat, competitions and unique live performances. 

Please click the link below to join the Destination Country family as they embrace the future and begin an exciting new journey:

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