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Destination Country ‘Happy (Half) Hour’ // Tenille Townes



Ahead of the release of her debut album ‘The Lemonade Stand’ this Friday (June 26th), Tenille Townes joined the Destination Country team via Zoom to give us the lowdown on the album, including the production, sequencing and songwriting, and also to tell us about her upcoming ‘Big Hearts For Big Kids’ benefit concert at the Ryman.

Speaking about the album and what she hopes the fans will take from ‘The Lemonade Stand’, Tenille said: “I’m so glad that we’ve been on this whole road and adventure together, being able to share different pieces of these songs along the way has been really cool and being able to play and be out on the road was so awesome leading up to this. I really hope people feel like they can just show up and be as they are when they hear this music. I hope they feel reminded that they’re not alone in the things that they’re going through and also to be reminded of the dreams that they had as a kid at the lemonade stand. This record really is that dream, it feels so special to get to share that.”

Tenille teamed up with experienced producer Jay Joyce for the record, an experience which she is incredibly thankful for and one that she believes has elevated her sound to another level.

“Jay is so incredible in the way that he really gives the song the space to breathe and become what it’s supposed to be. He’s not afraid to try anything, so I would stand there at my little station in the studio and play the song in the way that I’d play it in my living room. He’d walk over the synth pad and sing in the vocoder on this part, I’d think ‘where are we, are we back in time in the 80s, this is so exciting.’ It has a lot of those elements and also the way the guitar feels a little throwback to me too in places. It’s exciting to see how that all comes together in the blender of this album. Jay is amazing, I am so thankful to have been able to create this body of work with him.”

Check out the rest of the ‘Happy (Half) Hour’ below, including an exclusive performance of ‘Come As You Are’…

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