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Dierks Bentley Explains Why He Got ‘Oilspotted’ On Tour Last Weekend



CpwxRytWgAACc25.jpg-largeSurely it’s impossible for a major country star like Dierks Bentley to be left behind by his tour bus driver? Who could forget the main man? Well, believe it or not, it happened to Dierks this past weekend!

In an interview provided by UMG Nashville – “[For] 12, 13 years, and I’ve never been oilspotted. Oilspotted is when you walk back out to where your ride is supposed to be and you look down and all you see is oil on the ground – oilspotted,” says Dierks. “So, I was on a bus with my buddy Brian O’Connell and Randy Houser was on there and my booking agent, Jay Williams, was on there, and then at some point it was just me on there with Brian. We were just talking, talking, talking, and I walked off the bus and looked out, and it was a parking lot. All the seven semi-trucks were gone and all the buses were gone, and it was just crickets. I was like, what is going on? I called my bus driver, and he was about a half hour down the road, and I was like, ‘You’ve got to come back and get me. I’m not riding on Brian’s bus. He’s not even going to where I need to go.’ So, I started walking down the service road and trying to make the drive back for my bus driver a little shorter. He picked me up and we went on to the next gig.”

At his next gig, everyone, including band and crew, got into the act of making fun of him. “The next day on tour, people had made T-shirts and there were signs posted all around that said, ‘Missing.’ It made for some good tour stories, for sure. This was the first time it had happened for me, and at some point in everyone’s career on the road, they’re gonna get oilspotted, so it took me a while to reach that spot, but I’m officially in the club now.”


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