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Dierks Bentley Releases ‘Black’ Music Video On TIME, Shot In Iceland



As GRAMMY nominee Dierks Bentley continues “following his muse to wherever it might take him—with the sky as the literal limit” (Esquire), he finds himself halfway across the world in remote areas of Iceland in the debut of his epic music video for “Black” on TIME. Over a four day shoot featuring breathtaking landscapes, stunning supernatural effects and incredibly intimate moments with his wife Cassidy, Bentley visually sets the tone for “the sexiest songs of his career” (Associated Press, Rolling Stone).

“We’ve been talking about Iceland as a location since before I even released the album last year, but I never thought we’d actually go. The next thing I know, there’s a shoot booked and we are standing on the side of a glacier half-dressed,” laughed Bentley. “The crew wasn’t kidding around….it was four long, cold days in some really treacherous conditions. We were on a lot of the same locations that ‘Game Of Thrones’ and the Star Wars films have shot, and it’s just crazy what those people go through every day. I had the idea of putting my wife in the video, which is totally taking her out of her comfort zone, but I just couldn’t imagine doing a video for this song without her in it and she reluctantly agreed…but then totally NAILED it. It wouldn’t have been genuine without her. I think the end result is something really special, and it was a trip of a lifetime for everyone involved.”

“As a performer and ambassador for the genre, Bentley has been a steadfast star, and one that continues to take risks that pay off” (USA TODAY) which continues to be evident and cemented with “Black’s” critical acclaim.

“A sultry bedroom ballad that allowed him to frame the entire album around the story lines of love, loss and heartache.” – AP

“The sexy title-track describes an all-consuming love as if it weren’t so different from a black hole.” – People

“Rich with detailed lyrics only made even more vivid by Bentley’s rasp.” – Esquire

“It’s mood music, sometimes playing as smooth as a seduction but better suited for moments of introspection when you’re surrounded by a crowd and need to isolate.” – AllMusic

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