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Dierks Bentley Shares “Live From Telluride” EP



Dierks Bentley

Following his set last month at the 48th annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Dierks Bentley has shared his new EP Live From Telluride, available now.

Dierks featured The War And Treaty for their powerhouse vocals throughout, had multi-instrumentalist sisters Larkin Poe join the band for the entire set and enlisted legendary grasser Sam Bush.

Stream the EP here.  

“This really was a once in a lifetime show for me. Getting to play at my favorite festival…with some of my favorite musicians and performers…in one of my favorite places in the world…felt like a dream,” Bentley said. “Luckily this dream was captured on tape and I can go back and relive the way it felt that night whenever I want.”

Dierks Bentley Live From Telluride Track List:

1.) “Woman, Amen” – Live – Dierks Bentley feat. The War And Treaty

2.) “Travelin’ Light” – Live – Dierks Bentley feat. Larkin Poe

3.) “Bad Angel” – Live – Dierks Bentley feat. The War And Treaty

4.) “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd – Live – Dierks Bentley

5.) “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” by U2 – Live – Dierks Bentley feat. The War And Treaty, Sam Bush

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