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Dixie Fields Festival Changes Name To ‘Tennessee Fields’



Tennessee Fields is the new moniker for Dixie Fields, the boutique country music festival which debuted in 2019 in Essex, UK. A statement from the festival says:

During the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement during the summer of 2020, it became apparent that the word “Dixie” has negative connotations for many of our US friends and colleagues. This was something which was not obvious here in the UK when the initial festival title was chosen. With this in mind, the festival management are embracing this change of name for future events.

The nature, structure and ethos of the festival very much remains the same and the line-up will continue to include some of the hottest talent from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as grassroots performers and songwriters. The festival shall remain dedicated to becoming as sustainable as possible, shall remain as welcoming and open to all guests and the management team are looking forward to July 2021 with excitement and positivity.

The decision was made to change the name of the festival following many consultations with colleagues, experts, friends and representatives from the CMA. Any link to a period of time causing hurt or offense, either now or in the future, to any of our guests, artists or peers, goes against the very nature of the event itself.

Georgie Thorogood, Festival Director, says “When we decided on Dixie Fields as the name of our festival back in 2018, we did not believe that it had any negative connotations. Once we were made aware of these links which are of course most relevant to our friends in the US, there was no question as to whether it was appropriate to continue with the name.

We have developed a festival which welcomes guests from all walks of life and society with open arms and we want to provide a safe place for everyone to come and enjoy a weekend of country music. Anything considered materially offensive to any of our customers, past, present or future, directly opposes this ethos. We are not erasing our association with Dixie Fields, the current merchandise will still be available for 2021, but we are acknowledging we made a mistake and are working to rectify this going forward – it is all part of our, so far pretty eventful, festival journey and we are striving to better ourselves and become more educated at all times!”

The second live festival will take place on the weekend of 9-11 July 2021 at Sandy Brook Fields, Chelmsford, following several successful streamed gigs in 2020. Tennessee Fields will feature a Friday evening entertainment, a full country music line-up on the Saturday, and a big American style brunch on the Sunday morning for campers.

Tickets are on sale now for Tennessee Fields festival from  

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