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Donovan Woods Announces New Album, ‘Without People’



Donovan Woods has announced his new album ‘Without People’, available on 6th November. The announcement is accompanied by the release of a new track “Seeing Other People”.
While the album was created by musicians who were all contributing remotely, it encompasses the most intimate moments of human connection — something most people continue to yearn for more than five months into the current global pandemic. 
“This album made me think about how easy life would be without other people, and how useless it would be,” says Woods.“This is what my brain wants to write about, so I suppose my responsibility is to follow it further and further into the most fearsome feelings I’ve got.”

Woods recruits co-writers Tucker Beathard, Ashley Monroe, Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson, Thomas Finchum and Katie Pruitt to create a lyrically-forward collection of songs bound by themes of the human condition. Long-time collaborator and producer, James Bunton and vocal producer Todd Clark (Dua Lipa, Noah Kahan, Phillip Phillips) round out the musically diverse creative team behind the album.

“I dove in deeper on this album than I ever have,” says Woods. “So if we are coming to the end of something, I can say that I tried my hardest to write truthfully about the people I’ve loved and the things I did wrong, and add my little verse to the story of what it feels like to be a person.

‘Without People’ Track List:
1. “Without People” (Donovan Woods, Drew Jurecka)
2. “The Last Time I Saw You” (Woods, Jake Etheridge)
3. “Seeing Other People” (Woods, Dustin Christensen)
4. “We Used To” (Woods)
5. “She Waits For Me To Come Back Down feat. Katie Pruitt” (Woods, Katie Pruitt)
6. “Clean Slate” (Woods, Jeremy Spillman, Tucker Beathard)
7. “Man Made Lake” (Woods, Ed Robertson)
8. “Interlude” (Woods, Travis Wood, Tom Douglas)
9. “Lonely People feat. Rhys Lewis” (Woods, Dustin Christensen, Jessie Jo Dillon)
10. “Grew Apart” (Woods, Wood, Logan Wall)
11. “Whole Way Home” (Woods, Andy Skib, Thomas Finchum)
12. “High Season” (Woods, Ashley Monroe)
13. “God Forbid” (Woods, Robertson)
14. “Whatever Keeps You Going” (Woods, Wall, Femke Weidema)

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