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Don’t Miss American Young In Association With Buckle & Boots!



Following a string of stellar performances at Whitebottom Farm, Nashville duo American Young are set to headline at The Soup Kitchen, Manchester, on August 30th, in association with Buckle & Boots and with support from Gary Quinn. With a brand new single available now and a new EP on the horizon, it’s an exciting time for Jon and Kristy, and no doubt there will be plenty of new material on show in Manchester!


American Young’s emotional and catchy new song release, ‘Soundtrack Of Your Life’, precedes the release of the duo’s 5-song release of the same name on August 23, 2019. “When you’re alone and your mind takes you to certain songs, moments, goodbyes, and forevers, these are the pieces that make up the soundtrack of your life,” shares Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson.

‘Gonna Be You,’ another track on the ‘Soundtrack Of Your Life’ EP has fluttering opening vocals, the wistful track merges two unique viewpoints. Jon Stone harnesses lead vocals on the first verse as he reflects on the demise of young love, wondering if he’ll ever get a second chance. As if echoing Jon’s thoughts, Kristy Osmunson leads with a female perspective on the second verse as she finds the courage to rewrite the past.

“I think ‘Gonna Be You’ is a promise,” Jon says, “almost like, ‘I’m out here chasing my meaning in life, and there’s no one I’m ready to be with; but when I am, it’s gonna be you.’”

For Kristy, the song serves as a compass. “Life takes us down so many winding roads in pursuit of our dreams,” she observes. “The farther away from home we get, the closer to home we are. Home is where my love is.”

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