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Drake White Announces New Album “The Optimystic”




Drake White has announced his upcoming album, THE OPTIMYSTIC, set for release on March 11. The album is available for pre-order/pre-save HERE, and fans who pre-order will receive the title track instantly.

After collapsing on stage due to a stroke in August 2019, White was told by doctors that he might never perform again. After multiple surgeries and months of physiotherapy, he overcame those odds and returned to the road, pouring his journey into the music that makes up THE OPTIMYSTIC. The album is a portrait of White’s lifelong optimism and resilience, following the Alabama native as he explores a new level of vulnerability to share his story.

White co-penned 12 of the 14 songs on his new project, teaming with all-star writers like Chris DeStefano, Randy Montana and Eric Paslay to explore the process of physically and mentally healing while celebrating the most important people in his life and expressing his fondness for a simple way of life. He was also involved in producing all but one of THE OPTIMYSTIC’s songs, producing two tracks solo and teaming with The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston for 10 others while Johnston took the reins on “It Takes Time.” The album concludes with a recording of “Amazing Grace” performed by White’s grandfather’s parish with his father and grandmother leading the choir.

THE OPTIMYSTIC’s title track was written by White with Kelli Johnson and Lauren Weintraub, and is available instantly for fans who pre-order the album.

“It’s been five years since my last album,” White shares. “I’ve had two record deals, six brain surgeries, a haemorrhagic stroke and a pandemic that has tried to rip us all apart. Through it all, I’ve always fought to keep my glass half full. THE OPTIMYSTIC is the action of keeping that glass half full and finding faith, hope and joy in the circus of this thing we call life.”


1. “50 Years Too Late” (Drake White, Leith Loftin)^
2. “American Thunder” (Drake White, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana)*
3. “Rainbow State of Mind (Feat. The Woods)” (Drake White, Dan O’Rourke)*
4. “Pawn Shop Rings and Double Wide Dreams” (Drake White, Allison Veltz Cruz, Jonathan Singleton)^
5. “Giants” (Drake White, Allison Veltz Cruz, Phil O’Donnell)^
6. “Hurts the Healing” (Drake White, Aaron Chafin, Allison Veltz Cruz)^
7. “It Takes Time” (Drake White, Chris DeStefano)+
8. “Power of a Woman” (Drake White, Lindsey Hinkle, Kelli Johnson)^
9. “Legends Never Die” (Drake White, Jeremy Bussey, Adam Sanders, Ron Womack)^
10. “Can’t Have My Dog” (Drake White, Kelli Johnson, Ava Paige)^
11. “Angel Side of You” (Drake White, Allison Veltz Cruz, Eric Paslay)^
12. “Free” (Allison Veltz Cruz, Connie Harrington, Zach Kale)^
13. “The Optimystic” (Drake White, Kelli Johnson, Lauren Weintraub)^
14. “Amazing Grace”

* produced by Drake White
^ produced by Drake White and Jaren Johnston
+ produced by Jaren Johnston

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