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Drake White – It Feels Good (Live EP)



Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 21.07.12When Rolling Stone magazine published their list of 10 new country artists you need to know in the Spring of 2015 there were a few names that didn’t immediately look familiar. We had Kelsea Ballerini, Andrew Combs, Cam and Drake White included in that list.

Whoever was responsible for those selections obviously knew their stuff.

Ballerini and Cam have had hit records since and are carving out successful careers. Combs is appearing at C2C this year on the main stage.

Which leaves Drake White. It’s still a case of ‘Drake who?’ certainly as far as UK audiences are concerned. However, that might not remain the case for too much longer. When you are best friends with Zac Brown, opened for ZBB and are appearing at Zac’s Southern Ground Music Festival this year, together with a slot at Country Jam in Colorado, the career path is progressing nicely.

White’s reputation as a live artist is growing. The problem he has had until recently is the lack of recorded material. We now have a 4 track live CD that showcases his talents as a country-blues singer. His style is energetic and that is quite an understatement. He certainly holds nothing back and has a unique voice that allows him to stand out from the crowd.

The earlier single release ‘It Feels Good’ appears here in its live form and encompasses country blues and soul within a hand-clapping infectious beat (check out the video below!). The good-time party vibe in White’s music is evident on the remaining 3 tracks of this sampler live EP and all we can say is that we would certainly love to have been in the crowd!

Another track, ‘Living the Dream’, which is not on the EP, has just been released as his new single in the US with Dot Records and is destined for success. You won’t be able to get it out of your head!

It’s slightly, dare we say, laid back by Drake’s high energy standards but still highlights his unique vocal talents.

Not many people know about Drake White. They soon will.

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