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Drake White Shares “Power Of A Woman” & “Giants”



Drake White

Drake White has officially begun his latest musical chapter, releasing new songs “Power of a Woman” and “Giants”.

“Power of a Woman” was written by White alongside Lindsey Hinkle and Kelli Johnson.

“I wouldn’t be the man I am without the strong women in my life,” White declares. “I wrote ‘Power of a Woman’ with Kelli Johnson and Lindsey Hinkle about my wife and all the other ladies out there keeping this world spinning. There are some badass women out there that are tough as nails and this is just a soulful homage to their strength and tenacity.”

“Giants” is a message of resilience, an ode to those standing tall in the face of adversity, penned by White, Phil O’Donnell and Allison Veltz Cruz.

“With the challenges of the last two years, ‘Giants’ was a God send that was flown to Allison Veltz Cruz, Phil O’Donnell and I,” White shares. “These co-writers are spiritual powerhouses and two of my dearest friends. They helped me through my stroke and the pandemic with their encouragement and willingness to write the truth with me. We’ve been through some crazy stuff the last two years, and this is a battle cry turning us from underdogs to lions.”

Both tracks were co-produced by White with The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston and engineered by Aaron Chmielewski. “Power of a Woman” and “Giants” follow White’s songs “Hurts the Healing” and “Angel Side of You,” which were released earlier this year.

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