Dustin Lynch Goes Classic Country With Two New Songs

Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch has shared two Zach Crowell-produced releases, “Not Every Cowboy” and “Pasadena,” available now at all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

“‘Not Every Cowboy’ and ‘Pasadena’ are just about that timeless, authentic, American cowboy love story. I’m very proud of how these songs captured that emotion in such a classic way,” shares Lynch. “They felt special the day we created them and I’m so excited that they’re now out where everyone can enjoy.”

“Not Every Cowboy” is a pure Country ballad penned by Casey Brown, Parker Welling, Conner Smith, and Heather Morgan with a devoted promise that “not every cowboy leaves.”

Likewise, Dustin Lynch taps his emotions – and memories – in bright-and-sunny “Pasadena.” He co-wrote the golden flashback with Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell. With the steady thump of beating hearts and Lynch’s still-in-love sentiment, his thoughts wander back to a postcard-perfect out-of-town fling, and a weekend that’s forever on his mind.

Lynch has also launched a music video for each track – check them out below.

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