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Edward David Anderson – Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions



Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 20.36.10So the story goes, Edward David Anderson drove into Loxley, Alabama and parked at the local RV park.  He migrates into Lower Alabama during the winter.

Loxley just so happens to be the location of Admiral Beam Studios owned by Anthony Crawford, veteran songwriter and producer, who has worked with just about everybody in the industry. This 9 track album was a result of the inevitable meeting of minds and talent.

This is Anderson’s second solo album having spent most of the previous decade with rock band Backyard Tire Fire. It’s a delightful mixture of pedal steel, fiddles, acoustic guitars and great songs.

This has been produced by someone who recognises raw talent. A voice, a guitar and gentle backing vocals from wife Savana Lee.

Anderson is someone who only has to turn up and play. He epitomises country music. He could climb out of the RV and play in the parking lot and I would want to be listening.

The opening fiddle introduction of the road song “Firefly” sets the scene beautifully. This is country music at its most soulful. The tone for the most part is laid back but Anderson knows how to tell a story. “Jimmy and Bob and Jack” describes a drive by shooting.

A stand-out for me is the melancholic “Cried My Eyes Dry” which reminded me very much, both vocally and melodically, of Will Hoge.  Also check out “Silverhill” with an easy hook line that will have you swaying along.

It would be unfair however to discount anything on offer here.  This is an album that showcases Anderson’s song writing talents perfectly. My only complaint would be the fact that we only have 9 tracks to savour.

However don’t let this put you off. 30 minutes in the company of Mr Anderson is 30 minutes you won’t regret. Highly recommended and a fine introduction to an artist that you might not be too familiar with.


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