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Emilia Quinn To Release “One Of You” On April 8th



Emilia Quinn

Following the release of her “Medicate” EP last year, the new single from UK singer-songwriter Emilia Quinn, “One of You,” is set for release on 8th April.

Speaking about the track, Emilia explains:

“Last year was heavy. My last music release, Medicate (EP) tackled some deep and difficult feelings during my darkest times and served as an escape. However those feelings are not feelings I experience every day. I do feel good things and with my wedding and 3 year anniversary drawing closer I believe it’s time to show another side to me that I haven’t really shown yet. My loving side.

I really struggle writing love songs, something my other half has teased me about! So when this one burst out of my heart and onto paper I knew I needed to do something with it. I believe in soul mates and finding your ‘one’. I’m fortunate to have found mine by what seemed like pure chance.

Emilia Quinn

She opened up a bright and colourful world to me and although it’s not always roses, I have never felt such a strong partnership with anyone else. She even empowered me to be stronger and better as an individual and I wouldn’t change our life for anything in the world. So finally I’m giving this to you, my side of our love story.”

“One Of You” was mixed by Arjun Doel and mastered by Mark Wickenden. Pre-save HERE.

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