Emma White Releases New Song, ‘Can I Call You Then’



Whitehouse Records artist Emma White looks forward to the day her love interest is over his ex in latest release, “Can I Call You Then” – available now.

“I guess some traumatic things happened to him during that relationship, but I felt like he kept seeing me as her, and I was being punished for things that she would do,” White told American Songwriter of the inspiration for the song. “I was like, ‘I don’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. The line ‘Call me when you can hang up all your hang ups,’ is just trying to emphasize the idea that in order to move on, or to begin a new relationship, you really have to come to it with a fresh perspective.”

White’s digital release of “Can I Call You Then” comes on the heels of her first national radio single and previous digital release “That’s Why I Drink,” which shipped to radio in May and will begin going for adds on June 29th.


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