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EP REVIEW: Easton Corbin – ‘Didn’t Miss A Beat’



Since the release of his self-titled debut in 2010, Easton Corbin has become a mainstay in the country circle, having built a significant following on the live music circuit, as well as racking up some big radio hits along the way. Now independent, the Floridian singer is back with a new EP, which is sure to please both new and old fans.

‘Didn’t Miss a Beat’, released through Honkytonk Records, is a collection of six songs that showcase Corbin’s versatility as a vocalist and songwriter. It’s the first full project since Corbin’s departure from Mercury Records, and signals a new chapter in his career. As you may have heard with ‘Turn Up’, one of the EP’s instant-grat releases, we have a fresh, revitalised Easton Corbin, putting out some of the best work of his career.

The title song, ‘Didn’t Miss a Beat’, tells the story of a couple coming back to each other after a time apart. A positive, heart-warming track that feels very fitting in the current circumstances, and a welcome addition to Corbin’s catalogue.

This is followed by ‘Back to Me’, where our protagonist tells his lover that he’ll always be there, once she’s lived a little more life and broadened her horizons. On this song you can feel the raw emotion in Corbin’s voice, and it’s a track that gives the EP’s mid-point some real depth.

‘Before You Wish You Had’ is another gut-wrenching song that focuses on just how important the small things in life really are. Listeners may take solace in the relatable feelings of longing, nostalgia and hope. One of the more throwback-sounding tracks on the record – definitely one for the traditionalists.

The stand-out on the collection is ‘Old Lovers Don’t Make Good Friends’. This one has an incredibly infectious, groovy hook that harks back to the feel of Corbin’s biggest hits. There’s some great imagery of two lovers attempting to remain friends after a breakup, a struggle many have experienced. Stellar fiddle, too.

Closing song ‘Here’s to the Next One’ features a catchy snap track and a longing for better days, giving the EP a positive, uplifting ending. Lyrics that will strike a chord with many, particularly given the current COVID climate that we live in.

Overall, ‘Didn’t Miss A Beat’ is a versatile EP that will reassure fans that there is lots more in the tank as far as Easton Corbin is concerned. Well worth checking out.

Lauren Wyatt

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