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EP REVIEW: Jordan Davis (Self-Titled EP)



With three Top 5 singles under his belt, it’s an exciting time for one of the hottest rising stars of the genre, Jordan Davis. The phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’ is obviously something that his promo team at Universal have applied here, with the release of a new 6-track EP to ride on the immense success of ‘Slow Dance In A Parking Lot’.

Chatting with our friends at Lyric Magazine, Jordan said:

“I hope to show a little bit of growth in me as a person and as an artist and I hope people can see a little foreshadowing of what the next chapter of music might sound like.”

That progression from the ‘Home State’ album is clear to see. Maintaining the signature infectious hooks, which Jordan Davis is becoming one of the market leaders in doing, this collection is filled with much more lyrical depth and substance which sees Jordan moving on to another level in his output.

That added depth and meaning is prevalent in the opening track, ‘Almost Maybes’, which could easily fool you with its uplifting, radio-friendly melody. When you dig a little deeper into the song writing, it’s a rather insightful and quirky look back at the not-so-good relationships of Jordan’s past. A perfect example of how to tailor music for commercial appeal whilst maintaining country integrity and depth. A real roll-your-windows-down anthem which could be huge if given its moment in the spotlight of country radio.

‘Church In A Chevy’ has, without a shadow of a doubt, had the biggest reaction from the EP so far, and is one of the best songs Jordan has released to date; certainly the best on this EP and right up there with ‘Leaving New Orleans’ from the ‘Home State’ album. These are the kind of songs Jordan will be able to look back on in years to come with great pride. It deals with Jordan’s spiritual side and his relationship with God, painting the picture of driving down the highway and being at peace in “middle of nowhere dirt”, without having the strict church-going lifestyle. It’s honest, open and deeply personal, and one the fans will certainly appreciate.

‘Ruin The Weekend’ and ‘A Little Lime’ are much more reminiscent of the ‘Home State’ album, with some big mainstream pop-infused anthems and funky rhythms that we heard throughout the introductory collection. ‘A Little Lime’ in particular is a big highlight and the ideal track for cracking open a beer (or some “tequila”!) on a hot summer’s day. Feel-good, up-beat country music at its finest, with that super-infectious hook “a little lime and a lot of tequila” – it’s the big earworm from the EP, in a very good sense.

‘Detours’ showcases the reflective element to Jordan’s music once again, looking back at the moments that threw him off course, but eventually led to happiness. Certainly the most recognisably ‘country’ song on offer here, it exposes Jordan’s vocal prowess better than ever, and this style really suits him. ‘Cool Anymore’ then closes the EP, featuring the lovely vocals of Julia Michaels who seems to be becoming the go-to for country duets right now! The first of the instant-grat releases from the EP, this one is a sublime pop-country fusion, telling the tale of two people who both want to take things further but don’t quite have the courage to make the move. Great harmonies, great writing and a great song.

With this self-titled EP, it feels like Jordan Davis has really polished his sound and cemented a style that really works for him. He’s taken elements of his past successes and added to the quality, and quite honestly, any of these songs could work on country radio. These are good signs of development from one of the strongest newcomers out there.

Dan Wharton

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