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EP REVIEW: Mickey Guyton – ‘Bridges’



Mickey Guyton has overcome many barriers in Nashville, becoming a trailblazer in the process. As one of the few commercial black female country artists, she is developing a solid footing for herself, with honest song-writing that directly draws on her personal journey. On this new 6-song EP, Guyton explores prejudice, empathy and modern society, whilst also showcasing a diverse, country-pop sound.

Despite taking on some heavy subject matters, this EP is hopeful and has a powerful message of togetherness. ‘Heaven Down Here’ kick-starts the EP and sees Guyton asking God for more peace on Earth. There is real depth to this, centred around inequality, religion and faith, paired with some euphoric production.

Title track ‘Bridges’ follows suit, making sublime use of Guyton’s powerful and soulful vocal.

“What if I reach for you, you reach for me, close the distance?
What if that space between changed, if we started building
Bridges, bridges, bridges”

Although the EP is hopeful in tone, it is not naïve. On ‘What Are You Gonna Tell Her’, Guyton questions what she’s going to say when her girl grows up and sees the injustices of the world. This is a song that deserves your time; it’s so thought-provoking.

‘Black Like Me’ is another significant cultural song on the EP and is anthemic in style. The lyrics are inspired by Guyton’s experience as a black woman, forging a career in country music, and it feels particularly relevant this year.

“If you think we live in the land of the free
You should try to be, oh, black like me”

The collection also has some fun-loving moments, such as ‘Rose’. Guyton unapologetically reveals her drink of choice in this groovy offering. Her vocals sound impeccable, backed by the acoustic guitar and banjo.

Overall, this EP deserves an investment of your time and has some poignant, thought-provoking messages. It manages to be both hopeful and inspiring without delving into clichés. An accomplished addition to Mickey Guyton’s discography.

Lauren Wyatt

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