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EP REVIEW: Priscilla Block (Self-Titled EP)



Fast-rising star Priscilla Block has become one of the most successful ‘TikTok’ Country artists. She’s built an avid fanbase with her tongue-in-cheek songs like ‘Thick Thighs’ and ‘PMS’. Her honest, transparent songwriting is one of the reasons she’s risen to fame so quickly – and many fans have rallied together to help fund Priscilla’s recording in the last year or so.

Now, with the backing of UMG Nashville, Priscilla’s self-titled debut EP was released last Friday, and features six songs that expose what Priscilla truly is all about as a person and artist.

“This EP is such a vulnerable side of who I am and where I’ve been”, shares Priscilla. “It’s my story of falling apart in order to find myself again. I hope that when you hear these songs, they make you feel that it’s ok to not be perfect and realize that sometimes we need the lows to value the highs… AND ONCE YOU REGAIN THAT CONFIDENCE… LET IT SHOW BABY!”

The EP starts with ‘Wish You Were The Whiskey’, which sets the tone. It’s a bold one, with some heavily pop-influenced production. It wouldn’t sound out of place on country radio however, and also holds real substance. Powerful lyricism too, metaphorically conveying the longing and sadness of a lost love.

The EP as a whole follows that theme, and the songs tell a story about a girl going through heartbreak. ‘Sad Girls Do Sad Things’ is specifically about these emotions, as Priscilla addresses a vicious spiral of bad decisions. Most will have gone through experiences like this in life, and Priscilla’s gut-punching honesty makes it a compelling listen.  

Lead single ‘Just About Over You’ has already become popular with fans since it was released a few weeks ago, and it’s easy to see why. It describes a moment where seeing someone caused a rush of emotion, and has the feel and mainstream appeal of a major country radio hit.

There are some rock-inspired elements here too; ‘Heels in Hands’ is energetic and fast-paced. It’s great to hear so many influences on this EP, and each song has its own unique place. Some great diversity on show.

The end of the EP is a full-circle moment. On ‘I Bet You Wanna Know’, Priscilla hits the ‘moving on’ stage, and conveys how that in itself is a piece of revenge. This sassiness is so refreshing, and this catchy number is a fantastic conclusion to this collection of songs.

Priscilla Block is certainly one to watch.

Lauren Wyatt

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