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EP REVIEW: Riley Green – “Behind The Bar”



Riley Green

Riley Green’s first success was back in 2018, with the single ‘There Was This Girl’, and since then, the traditionalist hasn’t slowed down. The Alabama Native has built a strong fanbase over the past few years – releasing one album and four EPs that explored his unique perspective to life and experiences of the South.

This honesty is present throughout Riley’s new 7-track project Behind The Bar, which explores lessons learnt, heartbreak and nostalgia.

This collection begins with ‘Behind the Bar’, a love letter to bars and the importance they play in small-town life. The song really sets the tone for the collection – putting Riley Green’s signature spin on a classic country theme.

The single ‘If It Wasn’t for Trucks’ follows suit, which gives a deep insight into Green’s personal journey – from the death of his grandfather to his move to Nashville. Written by Erik Dylan, Randy Montana and Green, this is a real stand out and is yet another example of a great country truck song.

“Where was I supposed to cry that July day granddaddy died?
Or haul that deer, drink that beer
Fell in and out of love
If it wasn’t for trucks”

There is a theme of self-reflection throughout the collection, and on ‘I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave’ we get some salient advice on keeping love alive. It’s a heart-breaking anthem delivered with a pure, emotional vocal from Green.

In ‘That’s What I’ve Been Told’, Green gets personal once again and dishes out advice that he’s picked up over the years. It’s incredibly charismatic, and has some of the most compelling lyrics on the record:

“When Daddy don’t say nothin’, you better listen
Cause he won’t be here for long
And that girl ain’t comin’ back if you let her go
At least that’s what I’ve been told”

Another highlight is ‘That Was Us’ – no surprise, considering it was written by country powerhouses Jessi Alexander and Thomas Rhett (along with Green himself). This duet has a real sense of Southern Charm, and the soulful power of Alexander’s voice is a welcome addition to any recording.

Behind The Bar further cements Green as one of the best rising stars in country music today. These songs will be a worthy addition to any summer playlist. 

Lauren Wyatt

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