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Eric Church Celebrates #1 Success Of ‘Some Of It’ And ‘Round Here Buzz’



Eric Church Celebrates No. 1 Hit “Some Of It” With (L to R): SeaGayle Music’s Brandon Gregg, Emily Witters and Marc Driskill, co-writers Bobby Pinson, (Church) and Clint Daniels, plus SeaGayle Music’s JD Groover and Kim Wiggins 
| Photo Credit: Anthony D’Angio

“You’re the closest thing to Merle Haggard we will ever know,” proclaimed “Some Of It” co-writer Clint Daniels, embodying the overwhelming sense of reverence in the room for current CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee Eric Church as he joined his team of BMI co-writers in celebration of his two most recent No. 1 singles.

Church greeted a full house flanked by two jets and Desperate Man road cases at an aircraft hangar on the outskirts of Nashville, a nod to both the film location of his “Desperate Man” music video as well as the cover image on the album from which the title track takes its name, a current nominee in the prestigious CMA Album of the Year category and already honored as one of 2018’s best by American Songwriter, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Variety and Vulture, among others.

Taking note from his critically-acclaimed and chart-topping Double Down Tour, Church chose to double down with the No. 1 celebration hosted by BMI, first recognising his most recent chart-topper “Some Of It,” the reflective track off Desperate Man written by Church and Daniels together with Jeff Hyde and Bobby Pinson. The party also celebrated “Round Here Buzz,” the Platinum-certified hit written by Church and Hyde along with Luke Dick.

“He is one of the best songwriters this town’s ever seen and will ever see,” declared SeaGayle Music’s JD Groover as the celebratory toasts began, with Sony ATV’s Josh Van Valkenburg speaking directly to Church to note, “As an entertainer, you continue to change the world. You’re out there doing things that nobody else is even thinking about doing until you get out there and do it. And then as a songwriter, which is why we’re here to celebrate you today, I think you’re transcendent. I don’t care when these songs were written, I think they’d be special. I think they’d matter.”

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