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Eric Church Prepares To Head Out On His ‘Holdin’ My Own’ Tour



Eric Church is getting ready to launch his Holdin’ My Own Tour in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 13th. The trek, which will include stops in Chicago, L.A., Dallas, Boston, Denver and Nashville, will be unique for Eric as there will be no opening act. The North Carolina native and his band will play two full sets with an intermission in-between, logging more than three hours on stage.

He loves seeing how his music affects the crowd, whether it’s his deeply personal and introspective songs or the rowdy, party tunes. “When you write songs and you’re a songwriter, and you see the way those songs affect people’s lives…and some of those times it’s not a life changing event. It’s just them being able to drink beer and party and throw their fists in the air and forget about whatever problems they have,” says Eric. “It’s pretty cool when it’s all relatable to your music.”

He’s also cracking down even harder on ticket scalpers for this tour. Just last week he cancelled around 3,000 tickets and put them back on sale to his fans.

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