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Eric Church Releases “Never Break Heart”



Eric Church has shared another track from his highly anticipated triple album Heart & Soul, set for release this April.

What the songwriters and musicians sequestered in rural North Carolina during the early months of 2020 didn’t know was just how drastically the world was about to change. And yet, several songs on the project offer an almost prescient message of resilience and hope that fans are eager to hear amidst the ongoing pandemic.

With “Never Break Heart,” out now, Church delivers that encouragement earnestly:

         Don’t let fear steal your brave heart
         Don’t let doubt take your faith heart
         It’s ok to cry, but don’t never break heart

Church first shared the song nearly a year ago, just two months removed from its creation, when he performed a stripped back version on the “ACM Presents: A Salute to Our Country” television special.

“The hardest thing about this for me as a dad, as a husband, as a business leader, as a citizen, has been the unknown. I believe we fear the unknown,” Church shared that evening. “Here’s what I know: I have hope and you should have hope, because since the beginning of time, people have gathered… and we will gather again. The important thing to remember is to not fear, to be brave, and to endure. That’s what this song is about.”

“Never Break Heart” is featured on the Heart album, set for release Friday, April 16. In keeping with his longtime commitment to put fans first, Church created the middle album, &, specifically for the Church Choir and will make it available exclusively to those fans and only as a vinyl record on Tuesday, April 20. Rounding out the trilogy is Soul, available everywhere on Friday, April 23.

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