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Eric Church Welcomes All To ‘Crazyland’



Eric Church continues to share new music with fans, as “Crazyland” marks the latest song released from the marathon writing and recording session the nine-time GRAMMY nominee designed earlier this year.
Written by Church together with Luke Laird and Michael Heeney, the mournful song personifies the emotions that come with love lost, bringing to life the spirits of characters ranging from Sad and Regret to All My Fault and I Told You So, all drowning their sorrows together in Crazyland.

“As a songwriter you always have that moment when a song is born and then you have two months or three months before you get in the studio and you bring that thing to life. And I just thought that the feeling and the experience of that is something that we underestimate,” Church explained in a recent interview with Bobby Bones.

“So I wanted to, this time, strip all of that down and when the song is born, whatever those things are in the atmosphere that make it turn into something magical, I wanted to try to grab that.”

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