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Eric Church’s ‘The Outsiders’ Set For June 12th Re-Release



The most successful country album of 2014, ‘The Outsiders’ is getting an official June 12th re-issue via Snakefarm Records across CD, double gatefold vinyl & digital, complete with special packaging and extra tracks – including a bonus CD of live material with the LP.

Pre-order the album HERE.

Now at double platinum status in the US, ‘The Outsiders’ stands for all of those values most closely associated with Eric Church – creativity over commerce, “front row over Music Row”, remembering earlier, tougher times, and thinking well outside of the box… in fact, reducing that box to matchwood. 

In those earlier times, Eric saw something in the crowd that struck a chord. He felt they needed a voice – a cause, not just to rally behind but to be a key part of; and with ‘The Outsiders’, studio album Number 4, artist and audience came together to make a collective fist.

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