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EXCLUSIVE: Logan Brill & Emily Hackett Join Forces On ‘The Space’



On Friday July 3rd two of the most talented writers and performers in Nashville, Logan Brill and Emily Hackett, are releasing their new song, written and performed in lockdown called ‘The Space’

The Destination Country network is thrilled to be able to offer you an exclusive ‘first watch’ of the video. Sometimes a video can have the effect of taking away the impact of the song but the video for ‘The Space’ only adds to the import and the gravitas of this beautiful, haunting song about what it means to be human right now.

Speaking about the song, the three writers of ‘The Space’ had this to say about the song and its origins:

Emily Hackett:

“I give so much credit to Logan on this one. She came in with the whole concept and melody—this gorgeous pairing of soulful piano ballad and the sincere missing of someone creating a space in everyday life that you were desperate to fill. It’s a patient and powerful song in this hard season of life. I hope it reminds people that we are all feeling this in one way or another.”

Jason Lehning:

“My favourite thing about making music is the togetherness it creates for the people making it. When we all had to isolate, there was this sudden heavy feeling of “Well what now?  What do I do with these empty chairs? And why bother?”  So when Logan shared this idea and me and her and Emily were all sitting in empty rooms in different houses looking at each other on screens, I thought “ok, there it is! We can do this!” And it was a great moment of finding togetherness and making something beautiful out of it. 

Logan Brill:

“When the quarantine hit, it was the first time in years I wasn’t jetting off somewhere to play music. All that stillness felt really unfamiliar to me, and brought on a lot of questions. Ultimately the idea for “The Space” came from a place of personal reflection, but when I pitched it to Emily and Jason I realized that they were wrestling with the same questions. I think we were able to create a moment of togetherness for ourselves in writing and recording the song, even though we were only able to collaborate through our screens. I hope it brings listeners a little comfort, knowing that these feelings of loss and uncertainty are collective. We’re all in this together.”

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