Exclusive: Nashville-Based Artist LJ On The Theme Of Her Music & New Single ‘Suit Yourself’

With crisp vocals that have drawn comparisons to Sheryl Crow, LJ delivers her own brand of pop and R&B influenced Country. Since moving to Nashville in 2017, she has been tirelessly working on her songwriting craft and building lasting relationships with people in the music industry. She has collaborated with top songwriters such as Jeremy Stover, Monty Criswell, Kelly Archer, Sarah Buxton, and the Warren Brothers, which has culminated in an ever-evolving catalog of songs with RED Creative Group.

LJ has an infectious love of life, unwavering faith, and relatable charisma – all of which she weaves into her music. LJ has worked with producers Jeremy Stover & Paul DiGiovanni on her new music. 

Her new single ‘Suit Yourself’ is out now, and talking about the theme of her music, she said:

My theme is to inspire a treasure trove of people that need to hear my message, which is a positive one, and giving people hope through their heart break.