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EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Lane – ‘Nothing Changes’



As part of the Destination Country network, we’re delighted to bring you the exclusive audio premiere of Olivia Lane’s new single, ‘Nothing Changes’, available everywhere this Friday!

A new favourite for the British country fans, having toured here earlier this year, Texas-born Olivia Lane has been building momentum with the releases of her singles, ‘Same Old Story’ and the powerful ‘Living Instead’, and ‘Nothing Changes’ continues her foray into a more mature, reflective songwriting mindset.

Speaking about the new single, Olivia says:

With the world in a massive season of transition, what started out as a love song has become a message much bigger. Change can be tough but sometimes the only way to get through it is to go through it. At the end of the day, nothing changes if nothing changes, and through my own self awareness journey I’ve realized I’m fully responsible for my own healing, growing, and changing.

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