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A mainstay on the Texas Music Scene since for the last 10 years or so, Austin Allsup has now released his fourth studio album ‘This Weary Land’
which includes the lead single ‘Beautiful Life’. This extremely radio friendly song preaching the virtues of family life and “the kids in the yard” might, just might, open a few doors nationally to this Fort Worth native.

He has certainly paid his dues having spent the last decade travelling the US highways introducing his brand of country rock to a growing fan base.

His collaboration with friend and producer Mike McClure has continued throughout his music career to date. They write together, perform together and McClure has produced the latest album.

Allsup’s father Tommy was a successful Texas Country artist and it was natural that Austin would join the family firm however he didn’t learn guitar until he was 17. Fortunately for us he states that he soon got “the itch” and realised that there was a living to be earned making music.

The story so far has not been entirely straight forward. He grew up in Little Rock and had plans, originally, to be a Baseball player having been scouted by a number of school teams however it was his parents’ divorce that changed the career plan.

His dad, Tommy Allsup was infamously involved in a story that resonated across the world in February 1959. He lost a coin toss that meant that he didn’t travel in the light aircraft that crashed and cost the lives of Buddy Holly, JP Richardson Richie Valens and the pilot.

At the time Allsup senior was playing guitar in The Crickets.

Austin played his first gig in 2005 but he admits that “the live shows had to evolve”. The live shows these days are Allsup’s bread and butter.

His brand of Texas country rock has a loyal following but the ‘big time’ has, to date, remained elusive.

There is certainly enough evidence on the latest album to indicate a change of fortune. Aside from the single it’s worth checking out ‘Still Swinging’, a tale of a man that has mouths to feed and someone who won’t be giving up ..”in the end I will be one still swinging”.

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