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unnamedFifth Floor is a Swedish singer/songwriter duo with modern pop, rock and country influences. After meeting at university in London, Moa and Matilda began writing songs together and eventually made the decision to form a duo in the summer of 2014.

With two lead vocalists, strong harmonies and a knack for writing country songs that stay in your head, Fifth Floor are a breath of fresh air on the London music scene. With influences from artists like Miranda Lambert, McFly and Little Big Town, they are on a mission to further push country music and strong female fronted acts into the spotlight. Since forming in 2014, the duo have built a strong set list including original songs like ‘Drink it Away’, landing an invite to perform outside the BBC buildings in London for BBC Music Day 2015, and being selected to perform at Yamaha Music’s Soho Hoedown.

Moa is originally from Helsingborg in the South-West of Sweden, 20 minutes across the sea from Denmark. She grew up playing and listening to rock music and studied music through her upper secondary school years before moving to London in 2012. Matilda grew up on the South-East island of Öland, in small town Färjestaden (funnily enough located 20 minutes across the sea from mainland Sweden). After listening to mostly pop in her early years, she later discovered her passion for country music. Having written songs since age 11, Matilda made the decision to move to London and pursue music in 2012.

The two first met online via Twitter after a quick search for future music university classmates lead Matilda to Moa, who had her audition in London that very day. After bonding over their mutual love of pop/rock band McFly they soon became friends. During a procrastination-prone exam week, Matilda encouraged Moa to watch ABC’s Nashville and the Helsingborg native was soon converted into a country music fan. One year later, Fifth Floor was formed.

The band’s debut, self-titled EP will be released on June 6th 2016, with a free launch party at the Battersea Barge in London.

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