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Filmore Releases New Song ‘Busy’



Less than a month after the release of his up-tempo, heartbreak track “London,” country music singer/songwriter Filmore returns with new track, “Busy.” The song is the second of several new releases coming from the Curb Records recording artist in the weeks ahead.

Written by Filmore and Justin Ebach and produced by Ebach, Zach Abend and John Luke Carter, the emotional track is about dealing with the aftermath of a breakup and trying to get over someone.  

“Sometimes it can be less painful to simply ignore our heartbreak,” Filmore shared exclusively with The Boot. “Whether it is focusing on work or going out with friends, it can be easier to fill your day with activity to avoid thinking about that person. ‘Busy’ is about doing anything but dealing with the inevitable.”

The Wildwood, Missouri-native adds, “When we first started performing this live, I heard from so many fans after the show asking if they could have the song because it’s all of us …that state post-relationship where we’ll do anything to just avoid the void we feel between when we stop moving and when we start moving on.” 

“When it came to the video, we had so many ideas,” shares Filmore of the Dusty Barker directed video. “We ended up shooting in a time lapse style, late night in a Las Vegas hotel room. We wanted to keep it simple and show the struggle and emotion of being alone while trying to pass the time when you can talk to the person you miss.”

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