Florida Georgia Line Reveal New Single ‘H.O.L.Y.’

Florida Georgia Line have revealed their new single ‘H.O.L.Y.’ from their upcoming album ‘Dig Your Roots’.

Brian and Tyler were halfway through recording the album when they first heard the song. At first, they decided that it didn’t suit them, but after listening to the song more and more in the following weeks, they both realised the power of the track and had a change of heart. “Sometimes it takes a few seconds to actually get deep enough into the song to realize the power of that song” says Tyler.

Nate Cyphert, William Larsen and busboy co-wrote wrote the song. Joey Moi will return to produce the record, and Tim McGraw appears on one song. Judging by this single, the new album might be a change in direction for the duo, with a more mature sound and song-writing style.