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Foreign Affairs Drop New Single, ‘One Of These Days’



Bristol duo Foreign Affairs have released their new single, ‘One Of These Days’.

Written, recorded and produced by brothers Adam and Lawrence Purnell, ‘One Of These Days’ is an honest reflection of the insecurities experienced throughout life.

The instrumental for the song has been in the locker for a long time, initially it was  written for the purpose of a musical interlude at live shows but the more we played with  it we felt there was a vocal to be explored and I think the lyrical content compliments  and lifts the track really well.” – Adam Purnell 

“I never have to search for emotion when singing ‘One of these days’, it’s right there  from the off, I get lost in it, it feels like a soundtrack.” – Lawrence Purnell  

One Of These Days’ is the duo’s third single release of 2020, following on from their heartfelt song ‘The Hope Comes Again’ released in October to critical acclaim. 2019 was a year of transition for the brothers, signing a worldwide publishing deal with Peer Music as well as a record deal.

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