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Frankie Davies Releases New Single ‘Asking For A Friend’ & Music Video



Frankie Davies has released her brand new single, ‘Asking For A Friend’, alongside a music video.

“‘Asking For A Friend’ is a song about the complexities of social media and the tech focussed world we live in today. When I first came up with the idea I intended to create a light-hearted song, a tongue-in-cheek critique of how people use #AskingForAFriend as a humorous way to engage with people online. It was only as I was writing the song that it became very personal, it was mid-winter and I was feeling lonely, anxious and suffering from seasonal depression and that changed the direction of the song. We use social media to interact in humour or debate, to support each other through good and bad times, to stay in touch with family and friends but even if you are completely connected through social media, it can still feel like you’re in the dark. Many of us do feel alone at times and need a friend or a little human interaction to feel less so, in that respect it became a song with two meanings. 

It was important for me to record a studio version of this song as it is so personal. I felt it was crucial to afford more time and energy to this song. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done with the track, it still has the essence of the live version that was included on my debut album at it’s heart but this new track has got the added sparkle and depth that makes it special.

Asking For A Friend – Acoustic Tour Dates:

10th April – The Acorn, Penzance

13th April – The Castle Hotel, Manchester

14th April – The Grace, London

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