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Gary Allan Returns With New Single, ‘Waste Of A Whiskey Drink’



Gary Allan makes his return with a long-awaited new single “Waste of a Whiskey Drink” available now. Written by Josh Kear, Michael Hardy, and Mark Holman, the song sounds as a warning signal to a fellow bargoer to not waste a drink on a girl that is nothing but trouble.

“It’s about a girl that you just don’t want any of your friends to get tangled up with. You’ve been there. And you’re telling him as he’s looking at her and thinking she’s cute… and you’re saying, ‘Man, just do something else because she’s a waste of a whiskey drink. Don’t do it,” says Allan.

The song was produced by Mark Wright and Tony Brown, who also produced his 1999 Platinum album Smoke Rings in the Dark which housed three of his Top 40 Country Hits. 

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