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Hailey Whitters’ Pigasus Records Announces Deal With Big Loud / Songs & Daughters



Iowa-born, Nashville-based artist and singer-songwriter Hailey Whitters has announced that she has partnered with Big Loud Records / Songs & Daughters, the new female label formed by Nicolle Galyon.

Big Loud Records / Songs & Daughters will continue marketing and promotion of her critically-acclaimed new album, ‘The Dream’, which was originally self-released via her label Pigasus Records.

“I’m proud to partner with Big Loud Records / Songs & Daughters, and to be represented by a label that is building artist’s careers in innovative ways that are unrestrained by industry standards and norms,” explains Whitters.

Co-managers Matt Graham (BRND MGMT) and Chris Kappy (MAKE WAKE ARTISTS) say, “Artists like Hailey Whitters rarely come along – she can be one of the biggest stars in the genre, that’s why we decided to team up and pitch her together rather than compete for her. We’ve spent the last year building a team worthy of her talent. Big Loud Records / Songs & Daughters has been an immediate force on that team and we couldn’t be happier with this new partnership.”

Seth England, Partner/CEO of Big Loud, shares, “Entering our fifth year as a record company, we knew it was time to evolve Big Loud’s roster in creative directions we haven’t been before. Today’s announcement marks a big step in that. We have been so drawn to what Hailey and team have been building, and the incredible music they make.” Adding, “Hailey is the quintessential Nashville success story and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of her future. Thank you Hailey, for trusting Big Loud Records / Songs & Daughters to partner in your next chapter.”

“To me, Hailey represents the heart of my favorite kind of Nashville success story,” admits Galyon, President of Songs & Daughters. “She’s had the tenacity to master her craft for 12 years, the gift to turn that into compelling music, and the authenticity to win over the Music Row community with a record she made all on her own. I’m honored to get to be a small part of the incredible story she’s writing.”

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