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Hailey Whitters Releases New Single “The Neon”



Hailey Whitters

Hailey Whitters has released her new single ‘The Neon‘ from her highly anticipated third album RAISED, coming March 18th.

“I wrote ‘The Neon’ with Lori McKenna and Rodney Clawson about a broken-hearted bender on the town,” Whitters explains. “It was our first time writing together and Lori brought in the title. I think the next line that came out of the room that day was ‘here comes the sad part’ and we instantly knew it was this ‘tear in my beer’ type lyric. I love getting to tap into this song emotionally every time I sing it. Whenever I’m feelin’ blue, there’s no broken heart a barstool and a cold beer (or shot of tequila) can’t fix.”

The 17-song album was co-produced by Whitters alongside producer Jake Gear, who produced Whitters’ 2020 release THE DREAM and the subsequent deluxe album LIVING THE DREAM, and was engineered by Logan Matheny. The album also finds Whitters reconnecting with co-writers Brandy Clark, Nicolle Galyon, Hillary Lindsey, and Lori McKenna.

“This record is where I’m from, this is me. It feels like the prequel to THE DREAM,” explains Whitters. “These are the people and this is the place that made that 17-year-old girl leave everything she’d ever known to pursue a career in country music and not give up over the last 14 years.”

Next month, Whitters is set to head to the UK & Ireland to play the main stage at C2C Festival.

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