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Haley & Michaels Share First Moments With Their Daughter In ‘Born Yesterday’ Video



Haley & Michaels have shared the official music video for their latest song, “Born Yesterday”.

Comprised of home footage shot on iPhones, the emotional new video takes fans through a series of personal moments over the last year, from surprising Ryan Michaels’ mom, Rita, with the news of their pregnancy (Shannon Haley’s mom, Sharyl, also features later in the video; both had to quarantine for two weeks before visiting the family) to the very first moments with their new-born baby, interspersed with behind-the-scenes studio clips from the recording process.

“We wanted the music video for ‘Born Yesterday’ to be as personal as the song is to us,” the couple explained. “This video is made up of the moments we captured on our iPhones during the pregnancy and shortly after our daughter was born.

“We made it with our talented friend Andy Calmes over Zoom while we were holding our Keira Harmony in our arms, which was so special and surreal. We’re excited to invite everyone literally into our homes”.

Written and produced by Haley & Michaels, “Born Yesterday” has already been streamed over a quarter of a million times worldwide, and has been featured on major Spotify playlists including New Boots and Wild Country.

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