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HARDY Revs Up With New Track, ‘Truck’



Gearing up to drop his debut album A ROCK this Friday, HARDY accelerates into release week with brand-new track “TRUCK,” available at all digital retailers and streaming platforms now.

Written by HARDY, Ben Johnson and Hunter Phelps, produced by Joey Moi with co-production by Derek Wells, “TRUCK” is a twisty take on the classic idiom about “judging a book by its cover,” incorporating and reinvigorating one of Country music’s most-written tropes – the classic good ol’ boy and his pickup truck – and flipping it on its head: “You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a Country boy by his truck.”  

“Hunter Phelps had the idea; he just had the thought ‘you can tell a lot about a Country boy by the truck he drives.’ We wanted to do it differently than it’s been done before and write the song about the character of the truck, things that you can know just by looking,” HARDY shares.

“In the wintertime, if you live in a rural area and you’re riding around roads, you’re going to eventually see a buck in the back of somebody’s truck, and you know that guy’s a deer hunter and he is jacked that he just got a buck – you automatically know a little bit about that guy. If you see a truck that’s got dents all over the side, you can probably guess that that guy’s pretty fearless and he’s not afraid to put his truck through some shit. In small towns you’ll see these days a hashtag or a little phrase in remembrance of someone who’s passed away on the back window or bumper – if you see that, you know that if this person went and got a sticker of this, they were close to somebody that they lost. It’s being able to somewhat define somebody just by looking at the truck they drive.”

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