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Harleymoon Kemp Debuts New Single, ‘Lucky’



Harleymoon Kemp has shared her new single ‘Lucky’, taken from her debut EP, due for release in 2021.

Harleymoon has recorded a live VR performance of the single which will feature at the London New Year’s Day Parade Event, to be broadcast globally on January 1st. 

As part of the LNYDP show and for the release of the track, the Virtual Reality performance features Harleymoon in a stunning 11K image quality, so that rather than just watching the performance, fans can live it as if they are really there. Using a mobile phone, tablet, or headset, fans can look around the stage and see Harleymoon, the band and even the camera team as they listen to the  track. 

Phone-users can watch the full Virtual Reality performance via LNYDP’s Facebook from December 11th.

Harleymoon describes the inspirations behind the track: “Lucky was the song that  saved me in 2020. The first verse was written out of a low day in lockdown;  quite literally peeling a parking ticket off my car, checking my bank balance and  chasing overdue invoices. All work had stopped and I was talking to a friend  about what she could sell on eBay if her job didn’t bring her back, we ended up  laughing and picking ourselves back up, as true best friends do. 

Later that day I was having dinner with my family and realised how lucky I was  to have relationships around me that made me smile and forget about all the  madness in the world. I wanted this song to be the moments we all had in 2020  where, instead of complaining, we became truly grateful for that little thing  called love.” 

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