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Hen Do in Vegas: Is it Worth Visiting the Casino?



Las Vegas, like King Casino is known for being one of the most popular places for Hen Do’s and Stag Parties to take place in the world, but what is it that attracts so many pre-newlyweds to this gambling mecca?

The Casino Experience

Going into a traditional, brick and mortar casino, whether you choose to gamble or not, can be an experience in itself and with the Las Vegas casinos having more than just gambling available for Hen’s to be able to do, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.  With many casinos offering Hen Do packages, these can be a real draw to a large Hen Party and can involve cut-price buffet food, free drinks and gambling chips at discounted rates which can help the budget of the Hen Party go that much further. Many casinos offer packages where you can book rooms in their on-site hotels as well and take advantage of the other deals you can combine at the same time. 

One Last Blow Out

A lot of Hen Do’s are seen to be the last big “blow out” before settling down with one partner for the rest of their lives and many women want to go out with a bang.  For women of this mind set, Las Vegas casinos are a great place to undertake this because of the show business feel that they have and the fact that the ambience inside feels as if everyone else is celebrating with you.  If Hen’s have cash to burn, then making fun bets on red or black, odds or evens, high or low, can be a great activity to participate in as part of a Hen Party game. 

Spa Experience

As an alternative or an addition to placing bets within the casino, many Hen’s love visiting the casinos because they have additional activities within their facilities.  The favourites amongst Hen Parties are the spas for pampering and relaxation, the mini golf courses or crazy golf for an alternative fun activity for the more adventurous Hen Party group, or if culture is more your thing, then there are often extensive and world-famous exhibitions available for viewing.  Though some of these activities may be more fun once a few cocktails have been consumed, these are also ideal pastimes if you have Hen’s in your group who don’t drink or don’t gamble. 

Dinner and Drinks

With so many different restaurants, bars and entertainment options all under one roof, casinos make the ideal places for Hen Do’s because there is very little area to have to travel between different entertainment options.  There are lots of options for people who may have different dietary requirements, bars with different ambience or themed bars, and there are even opportunities in some casino to have cocktail making classes if you are able to book ahead.  These do come with an additional cost, but for a once in a lifetime occasion, it is more than worth it to have a fabulous time with your girl friends before marrying the love of your life!

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