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High Valley Release ‘Grew Up On That’ Video



Brad and Curtis Rempel of High Valley grew up writing and playing songs in the best makeshift studio space any kid could ask for: their garage. The new music video for “Grew Up On That” takes the viewer back in time to that very place, where memories of farm life and family line the walls of an artfully reconstructed set. Rewind with photos of early gigs, young love, holiday traditions and even a muddy ATV ride – then fast-forward to current day, when the brothers suit up and jump in to recapture that spirit.  

“I definitely get emotional watching this video,” Brad said. “I love how our directors Benno Nelson and Sam Siske were able to help us travel through time with the videos and photos of our childhood all the way to present day. Turns out we’ve changed a lot, but we also haven’t changed at all.”

High Valley’s new EP, aptly titled Grew Up On That, is due May 22 and shares universal themes from their unique upbringing.

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