Hunter Hayes announces ‘The 21 Project’

21HunterHayesEPFollowing 2 studio albums, Hunter Hayes is embarking on a totally new, original project. He is set to release his much-anticipated ’21 Project’, featuring 7 tracks. 5 of these are the tracks already released through streaming service Spotify, alongside 2 brand new tracks ‘Suitcase’ and ‘I Mean You’. However, the 21 Project will be a 3 disc set: 1 with the tracks performed acoustically, 1 with the studio versions of the tracks, and 1 with the live versions of the tracks. This is a very intriguing idea, and one that Hunter hopes will “bring the focus back to the music and show how a song grows from its original form into something we play onstage”. The 21 Project will be available on 6 November 2015.