Hunter Hayes And Zappos Pair Music With Charity For ‘Rescue’

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Five-time GRAMMY nominee and double platinum selling artist Hunter Hayes released his first new music of 2017 last week with the soaring and electric guitar-driven track “Rescue.” An artist who has always stressed the importance of helping others through the power of music, Hayes has also partnered with to create shoes that give back. “The Rescue Collection” is a limited line that features artwork inspired by the song’s accompanying music video, which is also available everywhere. Hayes shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes look with Entertainment Tonight this morning and also went into in-depth detail about the song’s inspiration withThe Washington Post.

“I’ve always loved what music and charity organizations can do together, and I think the tie in with this song is undeniable,” said Hayes. “We’ve had the opportunity to work with so many awesome charities over the years and I realized that, to me, they are exactly that: rescues. They are places of refuge for so many people who need a friend to help them through something or to be there for them. We’ve seen the power of music in so many ways and I wanted ‘Rescue’ to be a song that we used for good.”

All profits from “The Rescue Collection” will be donated to Zappos for Good, the charity team at  These limited edition shoes will be available during the holiday season and benefit a number of charitable initiatives including the CMA Foundation, the charitable giving arm of the Country Music Association that’s focused on improving and sustaining music education programs everywhere, and Zappos’ annual Pawlidayz pet adoption drive.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Hunter and have been wowed by his sincere interest in helping the world to be a better place by using his music to inspire others. We are grateful to work with partners who share our values and commitment,” said Steven Bautista, Head of Charity at, known as Zappos for Good.

The shoes will be available starting December 2017 exclusively on All shoes will be accompanied by a digital download code for “Rescue” and a personalized lyric sheet from Hayes.

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