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Ingrid Andress Shares New Track, “Seeing Someone Else”



Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress has shared “Seeing Someone Else,” another track from her upcoming sophomore album. Andress co-produced the track with long-time collaborator Sam Ellis – listen here.

“We all grow and change, but not everyone wants us to,” Andress shares. “Some people want to keep you exactly where you are for as long as possible, even if it’s hurting you. Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening. But then one day you wake up and decide the person they want you to be isn’t you anymore, so you pack your shit and break free from their grip.”

Andress continues, “Writing this song was very transformative for me and I wanted the production to really reflect that and represent the music that I listen to and am constantly inspired by. ‘Seeing Someone Else’ was one of the moments on the record where I went a little ‘mad scientist’ and was like ‘okay what would it sound like if we add some synth here, keep pedal steel there, but have an acoustic guitar here?’ This song has truly become one of my favorites from the new music, and I hope it makes you feel as liberated as I felt when writing it.”

“Seeing Someone Else” follows the release of “Good Person,” kicking off the next chapter in her career after the success of Lady Like, which garnered 3 Grammy nominations.

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