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INTERVIEW: Adam Doleac On His ‘Famous’ EP, Songwriting Career & More



Rising Sony artist and songwriter Adam Doleac joined us via Zoom to chat about his brand new ‘Famous’ EP, as well as his songwriting credits for other artists, life off the road and more!

Speaking about his new EP and the song selection process, Adam explained how the decisions are dictated by fan reactions, and that’s the way he’d always done it as an independent artist before signing with Sony. “Getting the right first impression is very important. We would look on social media and see what the fans were reacting to. When we started playing ‘Famous’, we decided to put it out and it’s got upwards of 60 million streams now. That’s kind of what happens – I test out songs, and they all have to have the right flow and go together. I was really glad that Sony loved ‘Mom and Daddy’s Money’ as that’s the most psersonal song I’ve put out to date, so I got to go in and re-record that. I can’t wait to go in and record a full record now

Adam used three different producers for the new EP, and had no hesitation about mixing things up. He explained: “If I love a song so much that I want to record it, it’s probably because I love the demo. I’ve been using whoever was there that day, and whoever did that initial recording. With ‘Neon Fools’, the only thing we added from the demo was the backing singers – that’s it. I didn’t even re-sing it. ‘Famous’ was the same way – we added a steel guitar and just very minimal stuff.”

He also gave us a fascinating insight into what it’s like getting a cut on a Hootie and the Blowfish album, his upcoming cut for Gabby Barrett and lots more. Check out the rest of the interview below…

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