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INTERVIEW: Andrew Beam On His New Music & 2021 Aspirations



North Carolina native Andrew Beam joined us during this year’s Country Radio Seminar to chat about his background, new music, hopes for 2021 and more!

Raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Andrew Beam grew up surrounded by the culture that gave rise to so many great artists, from Don Gibson to Ronnie Milsap, Charlie Daniels to Randy Travis, from Chet Atkins all the way through Eric Church.

The son of a bluegrass picking preacher, Andrew learned about roots music at its actual roots: bluegrass festivals, church socials, and front porch get-togethers.

How have you found the last year, from an artist’s perspective? We’ve all been hit hard by the pandemic, but it’s been particularly difficult for musicians. Have you been doing many Zoom writes? 

2020 proved to be difficult for everyone. Financial and opportunity costs are the biggest setback, especially when music is my only source of income from live shows. I have not done any zoom writes, but I have been writing a good bit. Just have to stay positive and look forward to brighter, more normal days. 

For anyone here in the UK who maybe isn’t too familiar with you and your background, tell us about your path into country music and how it all started for you?

I have been very fortunate to have had two dream jobs. One, being a game warden. I always thought I would make a career out of Law Enforcement, but it was during this time that people started recognizing me from local gigs on patrol. Eventually, enough folks just kept saying I needed to go full time and bring back real county, and eventually, I listened. I left the badge behind in May 2018 and hit the road playing music.

We’d love to delve into your writing style – where do you typically get your inspiration from when you go into a writing session? Do you prefer solo writes or co-writes?

I usually sit outside on the dock at my house, or at least that has been the case over the last few weeks. I also write well in the studio with my producer, Joe Taylor. I prefer co-writes, the process happens faster that way. 


Can you tell us about any new music you have coming up on the horizon?

The next single and album title track, “Selma by Sundown,” drops on March 19th. The full-length album will be available on April 16th. It is a collection of real country songs, written here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. 

As tricky as it is to look ahead at the moment, what achievements do you hope to fulfil in 2021?

I really just want to be on stage, any stage, with fans in the audience and the music cranked. The main goal is to bring my music to as many new fans as possible. 

As we’re based in the UK, we have to ask if you’d be interested in testing out the international country market at some point? The genre is growing very fast in Europe, and we’d love to welcome you across the pond!

Absolutely! Book a show and me and the boys will board a flight.

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