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INTERVIEW: Ashley Campbell Discusses Her New Album, ‘Something Lovely’



Ashley Campbell joined us (from her vacation in Croatia!) to discuss her brand new album, ‘Something Lovely’, which is available everywhere now.

Stream the album on Spotify HERE

Speaking about the album’s organic, very live-orientated sound, Ashley explained:

“We wanted a vintage, nostalgic sound, so we recorded most of the tracking live in the studio and we didn’t really use a click track, so it’s very much about the feel of the room and the feel of the day. We did use some overdubs but the main part of the tracks was done live, and it’s about capturing those special moments in time, as opposed to adding things on later”

Ashley also enlisted the help of country legend Vince Gill on ‘If I Wasn’t, an experience that Ashley holds dear:

“Vince is a total pro. He’s a complete country star in his own right but when he came in to record his parts, it was like he was just another studio musician. He was so humble and kind and open to suggestion, and I was of course like, ‘do whatever you want, Vince, you’re the king’. He was there to do what he does best, and it was so cool to watch him work and sing beautiful harmonies. We did a couple of takes with him on his electric guitar, and that’s when a musician’s taste really comes out. To be able to see him creating, live and in person, was really neat.”

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