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INTERVIEW: Brandon Lancaster (LANCO) Gives Us The Lowdown On The Band’s New Music



LANCO front man Brandon Lancaster joined Dan to chat about the band’s brand new, highly-anticipated single ‘Near Mrs.’, as well as what to expect from their output over the course of 2021.

The new single was written by Brandon alongside Shane McAnally and Jeremy Spillman. Speaking about the writing process for the track, Brandon says:

“I knew them both individually and trust them both as writers. As an artist-writer, one thing that I love about that kind of combo, and that kind of writer with that kind of experience, is that you can bounce things off them. They keep you accountable, as in ‘this is what I want to say’, ‘this is how I want to say it’. Sometimes artists can get too far off track or go down one path into no man’s land, so the accountability for the lyric with guys like that is going to be very strong. That gives you more freedom, because you can throw anything out there, and they’re going to keep it in line”

Check out ‘Near Mrs.’ here:

Listen to the full interview below…

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